Breaking: Backed by UAE Armed Forces, Arab Coalition jets raid Houthi positions in Hais, Zubaid, Bait Al Faqih, Al Hosaynia

Sat 09-06-2018 18:29 PM

AL-DORIHMI, Yemen, 9th June, 2018 (WAM) — Backed by the UAE Armed Forces, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition’s fighter jets bombarded positions of Houthi militias east of Hais, north of Zubaid, West of Bait Al Faqih and Al Hosaynia areas on Yemen’s Red Sea Coast, dismantling their bastions and reinforcements in precise offenses that inflicted heavy damage on the coup perpetrators as they lose their grip on their defence lines, with their elements fleeing the battlefronts en masse.

In the meantime, and according to field sources, the Joint Yemeni Resistance Forces have foiled an infiltration attempt by Houthis west of Bait Al Faqih toward Al Jah area, where the rebels are suffering heavy losses in lives and material.

In addition, 43 Houthis were killed in raids by Arab Coalition jets and in clashes with Joint Yemeni Resistance Forces across Hodeidah battlefronts.

On the other hand, the Joint Yemen Resistance Forces have detained scores of Houthis in operations aimed at clearing out militias’ pockets and bastions in the Upper and Lower Al Jah area, in Bait Al Faqih, on the Red Sea Coast, dealing a heavy blow against the coup perpetrators.

The Yemeni Resistance have also secured the coastline from Al Khokha up to Al Dorihmi area, South of Hodeidah, in the build-up for liberating the strategic city.

WAM/Hatem Mohamed


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