Boyfriend pips groom at wedding


A man married his girlfriend at her wedding function moments after she had exchanged garlands with the groom. Ultimately, the groom had to return home without his bride.

The wedding took place at Ariyari village in Bihar’s Sheikhpura district, some 91km east of Patna, early this week but was reported in the media on Friday.

Anita Kumari (name changed), a resident of Sheikhpura district, had been engaged to a man from Jharia town in Jharkhand state.

On Sunday, the wedding day, the groom and his guests reached the bride’s home on time and the marriage rituals began with exchange of garlands.

Witnesses said moments after the bride and groom had settled on their chairs after exchanging garlands, the bride’s boyfriend suddenly walked up to the stage and within seconds put vermilion in the hair of the girl, leaving everyone stunned.

Instantly, the guests who were present on the occasions caught the boy and started beating him up. However, the bride came to his rescue. The boyfriend too pleaded for mercy and sought to explain himself.

“We have been in love with each other for the past three years and we couldn’t have stayed alive had her wedding been solemnised with anybody else,” the boyfriend told the guests.

The boyfriend also showed to them photographs on his cell phones that proved their intimate relationship. The bride’s family then told her to decide who she wanted to marry, whereupon she chose her boyfriend.

Ultimately, her marriage was solemnised with her boyfriend with full Hindu rituals while the groom returned home empty-handed.


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