Boy pees on elevator buttons: What happened next

A boy in China got the scare of his life after urinating at the control buttons of a lift.

The young boy, whose age was not mentioned, was shown on CCTV relieving himself onto the lift’s buttons panel on Friday, Chinese media reported. 

After he relieved himself, the boy zipped up his pants and prepared to get off on the next floor. 

But not everything was in order: The boy’s mischief has backfired immediately — it apparently triggered an electrical short circuit. 

The boy urinated up and down and all around the elevator’s control buttons, triggering an electrical short circuit.

And to his horror, the lights on the buttons started flickering. Then the lift doors failed to open.


Now driven by panic, the boy started hitting multiple buttons — while still drenched in his urine.

In no time, the main lights inside the lift shut down, plunging him into total darkness.

Over the weekend, China’s Ministry of Public Security posted the surveillance footage showing the boy’s misadventure, to remind parents to have a better grip on their kids.

The video has since been carried by international media.

His parents, meanwhile, received a massive dressing down from social media commenters for their failure to discipline their ward and keeping his behaviour in check.

The video, posted by Beijing News and had become viral, with tens of thousands of comments.

Some commented lashed out at the boy’s parents, and said the child got a dose of his own medicine. 

Many suggested the parents should pay for the elevator repairs.

“The child needs to be taught a lesson. The father, too. Look at their parents’ response. His family is disgusting,” one user wrote.


Many were also disappointed as it was reported that the boy’s father denied the video and defended his son’s actions.

“[The father] says that his son cannot yet urinate that high, he doesn’t believe it, and his son won’t admit it, says he didn’t do it,” a reporter told a Chinese media outfit.

“I am happy with the outcome! The parents should compensate for the elevator,” one user wrote in a comment that had thousands of “likes”.


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