Beware: Fake SMS can steal your WhatsApp account

Dubai: Residents in the UAE are warned not to click on any suspicious SMS as the fake messages are part of a scam to steal your WhatsApp account.

In a SMS sent to residents, victims received a message about verifying their account number with the six-digit code.

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After sending the codes to the scammers, the victims would then lose access to their WhatsApp accounts.

Victims can also receive a SMS sent from a country abroad, which also claims that your WhatsApp account has to be verified with a click of a button.

If residents receive such types of messages, a quick call to the toll free number of the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) will confirm that the SMS is indeed a hoax. 

Telltale signs of a scam

Residents were urged not to respond to such messages as such scams involve acquiring the victim’s WhatsApp account, and to delete this type of SMS from their phone. 

Conatct info

The TRA can be contacted on its toll free number 800 12 or via email at


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