Bee’ah launches innovative new plant to treat industrial wastewater

SHARJAH, 18th March, 2019 (WAM) — Bee’ah, an environmental management company, has launched a new high-tech, Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant, IWWTP, in Sharjah.

The new plant at the company’s Waste Management Centre in Al Saj’ah, signifies a new milestone in the country’s zero-waste journey, and will be one of the UAE’s first dedicated full cycle treatment facilities for industrial and oil-contaminated wastewater.

The launch was attended by Salim Al Owais, Chairman of Bee’ah; Thabit Salim Al Tarifi, Director General of Sharjah City Municipality; Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah, and other senior dignitaries.

Al Owais commented, “We are proud to launch the new Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant, which will serve as a crucial link in our overall strategy for total diversion, consolidating our leadership in sustainability; and in wastewater treatment solutions specifically. Industrial wastewater levels are on the rise in the UAE, with the manufacturing sector being a primary contributor to the country’s GDP. It is, therefore, a priority to find a sustainable solution for the treatment of such wastewater, as the economic production base expands. As one of the only dedicated industrial wastewater treatment facilities in the region, the IWWTP presents a viable alternative to the disposal of industrial wastewater, turning it into a resource which can further our ambitions in sustainable development.”

Processing a minimum of 300m3 of wastewater daily, the new facility was established to treat industrially contaminated water and produce clean water that can be returned to the water cycle, with minimum impact on the environment. The clean water produced from the plant has been certified to be safe for irrigation.

The Director-General of Sharjah City Municipality said, “With a waste diversion rate of 75 percent set under the UAE Vision 2021, it is important for us to identify ways to reuse and recover the resources as much as possible. We are proud to support the launch of this new facility, which will raise these diversion rates even further. We had recently launched a new plant to treat sewage water for use in irrigation and washing cars.”

Bee’ah’s Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant uses the most advanced processes; and operates on an intricate five-tiered-system. After the liquid waste is collected in the reception area, it passes through a physical treatment stage to separate sand and remove floating fats. Then the water is pumped to a chemical treatment stage to adjust the pH and remove heavy metals respectively. Then, the biological treatment stage involves the removal of organic pollutants and a breakdown of ammonia. Lastly, the water goes through a multi-filtration stage, which includes UV filtration, to remove suspended matter and most forms of microbiological contamination.


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