Bahrain in call to counter hate speech

Media should refrain from broadcasting material that incites extremism or terrorism

Manama: Arab countries should adopt a code of ethics on countering hate speech for young people working in the media sector, Bahrain’s information minister has said.

“The code of conduct will reflect the awareness of Arab youth and their commitment to the use of digital media to promote values of tolerance and brotherhood, to reject all forms of division and hatred nationally, ethnically and religiously and to refrain from broadcasting any material that incites extremism or terrorism,” Ali Al Romaihi said on Saturday.

The fast developments of regional and international media offer both challenges and opportunities and the young people now have numerous prospects to be creative and to excel in digital work.

However, their work should be used to protect the cultural and civilizational identity as well as values and morals, boost awareness, shield the countries from extremism and fanaticism and consolidate their role as stakeholders and partners in the progress of nations, Al Romaihi said as he explained the aims of the code of ethics.

The minister was speaking on Saturday at a conference in Cairo about the future of young people in the media.

“The Arab media that that adheres only to the past and the present will have no future. We should always recall that technical or technological equipment alone cannot ensure the success of the media. There is a mandatory need for creative people who transform information into knowledge, and from this knowledge, they derive wisdom, constructive characters and ethical and professional standards that allow them to move within freedom of expression with fixed golden rules that seek the common good and the good of humanity,” Al Romaihi said.


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