Baguio City enforces ordinance against cursing in public

Manila: In a bid to make the youth more mindful of what they say, Mayor Mauricio Domogan of Baguio City had signed an ordinance that will allow authorities to punish minors caught using profane language.

The Anti-Profanity Ordinance was enforced in the highland resort city two months ago, after authorities observed that it was becoming increasingly commonplace for the youth replace normal everyday expressions of heightened positive or negative emotions with cuss words, reports reaching Manila said.

According to the city council, the enforcement of the city ordinance was necessary to preserve the decency and integrity of the highland residents. Children and minors were increasingly lacing everyday words with offensive terms.

Councillor Lilia Fariñas, who proposed the city ordinance last year, said: “Cursing has become a normal practice, so commonplace everywhere, that even children seem to have already accepted the habit as a customary routine in our society, oblivious to the repercussions that it may result in.”

It’s said that all around Baguio City, signs had been put up in areas frequented by youth and students, such as internet shops and other spots, warning that using cuss words is not permitted in the area.

“Cursing is not allowed” and “Bawal Magmura” (no cursing allowed), the signs say.

The penalties for first-time offenders is a verbal warning and then reprimands and suspensions or expulsion, if the person is studying in school.

In the ordinance, Fariñas states that profanity “refers to blasphemous or obscene language, regular or irreverent speech or action, expletives, oath, swearing, swear words, coarse words, cussing, profane or obscene expressions, usually of surprise or anger.”

As one of the country’s top destinations because of its cold climate, millions of local as well as foreign tourists visit the highland resort city every year.


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