Baby food brand, other products withdrawn in UAE

Lactalis could be contaminated, Health Ministry says as it withdraws other products from shops

Dubai: The Ministry of Health and Prevention has issued a circular to relevant entities to withdraw Lactalis, a baby food product that could be contaminated with Salmonella, as well as other products, officials announced on Saturday.

Lactalis is being withdrawn at the request of the manufacturer.

The ministry’s circular also warns against the use of unlicensed addiction remedies, some cosmetics containing a high concentration of mercury, a herbal formula for weight loss, nutritional supplements that cause high blood pressure, and some skin whitening products.

The ministry requested the entities concerned to take necessary measures to withdraw the products from the market and prevent their circulation and import. These products are not registered with the ministry’s Drug Department.

Dr Ameen Hussain Al Ameri, assistant undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing and chairman for the Supreme National Pharmacovigilance Committee, said those affected by these counterfeit products should inform the ministry or other health authorities so they can take appropriate action.

In case of any side effects, the ministry should be informed via the ADR side effects form available at or by calling 023201448, faxing 023201947, emailing or using the toll-free number 80011111.

Possible contamination

Dr Al Amiri said a circular was issued for the withdrawal of baby food produced by French company Lactalis International, further to Circular No. 15247 of 2017, knowing that the manufacturer has voluntarily withdrawn all batches of the product that have been packed at the Craon plant because of possible contamination with Salmonella Agona, which causes fever and diarrhoea.

The product is registered with the ministry’s Drug Department. Its authorised agent has been requested to withdraw the product from the country’s markets.

Un-accredited products

Dr Al Amiri said the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission have issued a warning to marketers and distributors of 12 products with deceptive claims about their ability to help treat opiate addiction. The marketing and sale of these products is carried out illegally.

Mercury warning

Dr Al Amiri also cited a warning from Dubai Municipality regarding the withdrawal of three Chinese cosmetic products used for bleaching and clearing the skin, which proved that they contained a high concentration of globally banned mercury, following an analysis of samples of the products at Dubai Central Laboratory of the municipality.

These products are Yalan Cream, Slimming Body Capsule Plus and Hao Meng Specific Wipe Off Fleck Cream.

Herbal drinks

A warning against the use of the product Tarty Slim Plus Capsules from the Thailand-based company Rawinnipa has also been issued. The municipality’s Environmental Health and Safety Control Sector analysed the product, which is used as herbal supplement for weight loss, and discovered that it contains undeclared pharmaceutical substances — namely Sibutramine-Desmethylsibutramine. Sibutramine can cause high blood pressure and increased heart rate in some patients.

Sex pills

The assistant undersecretary said the ministry has received a warning from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi about the product Golden Bull Capsules of Italian company Don Vigaron, which is used as a supplement and sexual enhancer for men.

The results of the analysis showed that the product contains an undeclared drug ingredient, Sildenafil. This substance can cause a severe drop in blood pressure that may reach a dangerous level and can be a major risk to patients with heart disease or diabetes or those who are overweight, especially those who take drugs containing nitrate.

Skin whitening

Dr Al Amiri also warned against skin whitening product Flawless Beauty, sold on, as the FDA and the manufacturer have withdrawn all glutathione products used as bleach products, marketed either alone or with vitamin C and sterile water.

He appealed to residents to avoid paying attention to false claims promoted through social media.

Withdrawn de-addiction products

Opiate Freedom Center (Opiate Freedom 5-Pack)

U4Life LLC (Mitadone)

CalmSupport LLC (CalmSupport)

TaperAid (TaperAid and TaperAid Complete)

Medicus Holistic Alternatives LLC (Natracet)

NutraCore Health Products LLC (Opiate Detox Pro)

Healthy Healing LLC (Withdrawal Support)

Soothedrawal Inc (Soothedrawal)

Choice Detox Center Inc (Nofeel)


King Bio Inc (AddictaPlex)

Withdrawn bleaching products

Relumins Advanced Glutathione kits w/ 900mg vials

Relumins Advanced Glutathione kits w/ 1500mg vials

Relumins Advanced Glutathione kits w/ 3000 vials

Relumins Vitamin C Solvent ampoules

Tatiomax Gluatathione Whitening kits w/ 1400mg vials

Saluta Glutathione Whitening kits w/ 600mg vials

Saluta Glutathione Whitening kits w/ 1200mg vials

Saluta Glutathione Whitening kits w/ 1800mg vials

Laroscorbine Platinum Vitamin C with Collagen, 1100mg

Tationil Glutathione Whitening 10 vial kits

Tationil Glutathione Whitening (5 sets of 10 vial kits)

Laennec Human Placenta Whitening kits, 2ml vials

Reiki Glutathione Whitening kits

TAD Glutathione Whitening kits w/ 600mg vials

TP Drug Laboratories Vitamin C ampoules

Sterile water ampoules

Ling Zhi capsules


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