Baby dies as doctors chop off genitals to prove point

After telling the family they were expecting a girl, they mutilated the newborn and lied that the woman had delivered a baby girl with deformities

Patna: Two unscrupulous doctors at an illegally-run nursing home in Jharkhand state chopped off the genitals of a newborn baby boy, leading to the death of the baby.

The pair performed the heinous act in an effort to hoodwink the baby’s family that an earlier report from an ultrasound test they had carried out, in which they determined the baby to be a girl, was right.

The incident took place at the Itkhori block, which falls under Chatra district in Jharkhand, some 200km south of Patna, on Tuesday.

The police have sealed the nursing home while raids are on to apprehend the absconding doctors.

According to family members, Gudia Devi, the wife of Anil Panda from Bali village in the district, was admitted to the nursing home on Tuesday upon going into labour. She was eight months pregnant.

Soon after being admitted, the two doctors carried out an ultrasound test and told the family they were expecting a baby girl.

They then informed the family that the expectant mother required an immediate caesarean operation as her condition was critical. Her family gave their consent and paid the fees upfront.

However, on delivering the baby, the doctors were stunned as the baby turned out to be a boy, and not a girl as they had thought.

Instead of admitting that they had been wrong, the roguish medics picked up the newborn and chopped off his organs. They then shamelessly lied to the family that the woman had delivered a baby girl with some deformities, family members said.

Their undoing, however, came at the hands of the patient’s mother-in-law, Kalyani Devi, who had observed their devilish misdeeds. Finding themselves in hot water, the doctors tried to negotiate with the family. The grieving family refused and reported the matter at the local police station, who rushed to the illegal nursing home only to find that the doctors had fled.

They have been identified as Dr Anul Kumar and Dr Arun Kumar.

“The incident has come to our knowledge. This is equivalent to murder,” S.P. Singh, the local civil surgeon for Chatra, told the media on Wednesday. “We are going to initiate severe punitive action against the accused doctors.”

Jharkhand health minister Ramchandra Chnadravansi has sought a detailed report from the local health officials and promised stringent action against the erring doctors.


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