Arab Coalition destroys military reinforcements of Houthi militia with UAE’s support and participation, killing 86

Thu 07-06-2018 17:26 PM

AL DURAIHAMI, YEMEN, 7th June, 2018 (WAM) — With the participation and support of the UAE Armed Forces, the fighter jets and artillery of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in Yemen have launched air strikes on the Iranian-backed Houthi militias’ locations and assemblies in Bait Al Faqih and Al Duraihami Districts in the south of Hodeidah, which resulted in the destruction of their military reinforcements and equipment.

The coalition forces also targeted the locations and reinforcements of the Houthis militias in the east of Al Mashrai’e, Al-Jarrahi Districts’ outskirts and western Hussainiya amid the escape of the militia elements towards the mountains and a state of confusion and panic among their ranks.

Eighty-six Houthis were killed in air raids launched by the Arab Coalition fighters in confrontation with the Joint Yemeni Resistance forces at the Hodeidah battlefront, while the forces carried out an operation to clear out the Houthi pockets in Al Taif and Al Nukhaila farms in preparation for the battle of liberating Hodeidah.

The Joint Yemeni Resistance continues to mobilise its trained forces and stabilise its positions in preparation for a major battle to liberate Hodeidah from the Iranian Houthi militias and separate the forces from Hodeidah Airport.

The Yemeni Resistance forces have gone a long way in liberating more than 90 kilometres of area from Al Hima Port to Al Duraihmi District, south of Hodeidah, in a short period of time amid the continuation of qualitative military operations to clean the centres of Tahita, Zubaid, and Bait Al Faqih districts from the members of the Iranian Houthi militias and the eastern areas adjacent to the coastal strip, as part of the intensive preparations for the liberation of Al Hodeidah city.

WAM/Hazem Hussein/MOHD AAMIR


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