Apphitect launches instant messaging solution for chat app development

Apphitect, the Dubai based digital transformations company has released yet another mobility innovation that will revamp instant communication. ‘Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution’ will enable social groups, enterprises and teams to create their own instant messaging app.

‘We intend to recreate and exceed the instant messaging abilities that WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and similar kind of chat apps have been providing.” quipped Thiaghu, MD of Apphitect.

Dotted with real time chat features

Apphitect positions itself as an instant messaging app that takes real time chatting a step ahead from the present scenario. Team chat apps created using Apphitect instant messaging solution will enable real time chatting between two individuals or even a group of individuals, say for instance, a group of employees, project team, social circles and so on.

Noteworthy features of Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution

Online presence indicators

‘Online’, ‘Offline’, ‘Busy’, etc. which facilitate formal real time communication.

Multimedia sharing

Images, videos, documents, files, spreadsheets and a variety of other multimedia can be shared in between users of the chat app created using Apphitect instant messaging app.

Geolocation sharing

Users can share their real time location with selective users or with group of people.

Push notifications

Push notifications that notify users about new messages, unread messages, alerts, reminders, location targeted alerts and so on.

Social integrations

Social logins, social sharing and much more that blend the experience of social networking into instant messaging.

Sync and Store

Work in one device and share it across multiple devices effortlessly. No more screen hopping or device hopping for getting things done.

Voice and Video calling

Voice calling or face to face video calling to explain stuff that ordinary textual communication cannot achieve.

Apphitect is expected to have more than 100 features that can make instant messaging an experience over the usual. Find more info at Apphitect Instant Messaging Solution.


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