Alitalia: Tired brand becomes a fresh taste of Italy

ROME // Alitalia’s new global marketing push features a television commercial, designer staff uniforms and tie-ups with top Italian brands.

Its “Made of Italy” campaign has been backed up with investment in regional cuisine, a new uniform collection by the designer Ettore Bilotta, exclusive deals with firms such as Lavazza coffee, furniture designer Poltrona Frau and perfume house Atelier Fragraze Milano, among others.

Alitalia vice-chairman and Etihad group chief executive James Hogan said that in the past, Alitalia had been known as a “wonderful airline brand”.

“But it was seen, unfortunately, to have become tired and become politicised. That is the opportunity now – to build an airline that Italy is proud of. Every time you board an Alitalia aircraft, you should feel that you have entered Italy wherever you are in the world.”

The company has injected €20 million (Dh11.1m) into its campaign, with 30 and 60-second advertisements being shown in Italy, the US, Brazil and Germany, as well as on social media.

Cramer Ball, the chief executive, said that Italy is known as “the embodiment of beauty, warmth, passion, hospitality and a way of life celebrated the world over”.

He said Alitalia hoped to present “the best of Italy and the importance the country enjoys on the world stage”.

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