Al Ain city braces for weekend storm

Dubai: Various areas across the UAE is expected to receive a strong storm this weekend, and the city of Al Ain is making sure it is well-equipped to handle the pressure.

Rashid Suwaidan Al Kutbi, chairman of the Emergency and Crisis Committee, held a meeting with municipality officials and representatives of relevant authorities, to set up an efficient plan on how to deal with the rain’s aftermath.

When the city of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the western region was previously hit hard by storms, residents saw flooded roads, muddy sandstorms and chock-a-bloc traffic that is usually associated with a downpour.


بردو مطرعلىشعيبالعين- طريقالحوطةالجديد

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— رحلةالورد(@rore993) 30 March 2017

During the meeting, authorities agreed to have emergency teams on stand-by to remove any excess water from roads and residential areas, tackle broken down trees, drain the sewage networks, and ensure that the dams do not leak.

In a statement, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said the upper air and surface depression is expected to further deepen by Saturday until Monday that could bring scattered thunderstorm in different parts of the country.

On its Twitter account, the UAE’s Storm Centre posted an illustrative video of which areas in the UAE will be affected by the storm.

Residents that may face any kind of rain-related emergency or need assistance are urged to call Al Ain City’s municipality hotline on 993. 


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