Ajman, Hunan Province to boost trade and investment ties

AJMAN, 25th April, 2018 (WAM) — A delegation from Ajman Chamber of Commerce has recently visited Hunan Province, China, with the ultimate objective of strengthening ties between the two sides in several business sectors.

The delegation, comprising people in business representing seven major companies in the building and construction field, also explored the potential investment opportunities to increase the trade volume between Ajman and Hunan Province and to enhance the partnerships between businesspeople and investors on both sides.

During the visit, the delegation, headed by Marwan Hareb, Head of Business Development Department at the Chamber, toured several factories and major companies that operate in the construction and building industry in Hunan Province, where they were briefed on the technology of modern and readymade buildings.

Commenting on the visit, Mohamed Ali Al Janahi, Executive Director of Investment and Business Development Division at Ajman Chamber, said, “The visit serves as a strong impetus to strengthen the economic relations between Ajman and Hunan Province, especially that the bilateral relations between the two sides are witnessing many official visits aimed at fostering the cooperation in many sectors in both countries.”

Through the visit, the Chamber aims to attract leading Hunan-based companies to participate in the Future Build Exhibition that will take place in Ajman in October 2018 with the participation of a large number of local, regional and international businesses, Hareb added.

“The delegation focused on attracting the major companies operating in Hunan, especially those utilising the modern construction technologies,” he continued.

The visit is also expected to contribute to the diversification of building materials suppliers from China, importing the cutting-edge technology in construction, sealing deals of commercial representation and exclusive agencies, and concluding consultancy, engineering and design contracts, since the contribution of the construction sector to the emirate’s GDP exceeds 15 percent.

The delegation visited the Foreign Trade Department in Hunan, where they discussed the cooperation between the two sides. They also visited major government and private companies operating in construction and building of bridges and roads. They further toured various major projects in Hunan where they were briefed about the latest designs and tools used in the rapid construction process.

The two sides earlier signed a MoU to enhance their bilateral ties in all technical, trade, industrial, transport, tourism and investment areas.


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