Aims and challenges of the Summit on the Global Agenda

What is the WEF doing in Abu Dhabi this week?

The Summit on the Global Agenda brings together leaders from academia, business, civil society, international organisations and government, to come up with ideas and solutions that influence global, regional and industry agendas to help shape the programme for the WEF’s annual meeting in Davos in January. This year, its third time in Abu Dhabi, about 1,000 participants will spend several days discussing issues including robotics and artificial intelligence and brain research, the global financial system, climate change and international trade and development.

What are the main challenges that will be talked about?

The need to create millions of jobs in the Arab world each year, putting together a coalition on deforestation ahead of climate talks this year; food security in Africa and Asia, technology’s role in creating a more stable financial system and the need for greater infrastructure development.

Are there any solutions already on the table?

The formative phase of the WEF’s Grow Africa food security project, which has seen over US $10 billion of private sector investment mobilised has recently ended. The forum has launched, alongside partners, projects in South East Asia and Latin America.

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