AIM Startup, Future Cities Show start in Dubai tomorrow

DUBAI, 7th April, 2019 (WAM) — Dubai is all geared up for the opening of two landmark events that will convene top government leaders, investors, and industry experts from across the globe for three days to separately discuss the important role of startups and cities of the future in a nation’s sustainable socio-economic development and growth.

AIM Startup and Future Cities Show, both initiatives of the UAE Ministry of Economy, are happening in conjunction with the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) 2019, the world’s leading platform for foreign direct investment (FDI), from 8th to 10th of April. Both shows, will feature conferences and exhibitions.

The latest edition of AIM Startup will bring over 150 promising startup companies under one roof to help facilitate business interactions and investment partnerships with major investors, business leaders, representatives of international institutions, and government entities.

Additionally, the participating small businesses with immense growth potential will be given an opportunity to demonstrate their ground-breaking solutions to a diverse global audience, providing them with a platform for maximum exposure to new markets and enabling them to widen their reach.

Walid Farghal, Project Manager for AIM Startup and Future Cities Show, said: “Under the theme ‘Harnessing Global Digitisation to Empower Startups and SMEs’, this year’s AIM Startup will examine the effects of next-generation technologies by exploring the benefits, challenges, and opportunities brought about by digitalisation.”

“Intensive digital transformation efforts are taking place in Dubai and the UAE and startups, which are vital to the country’s adoption of knowledge- and innovation-driven economy, play a role in the success of these initiatives. As it is crucial that we contribute to the segment’s growth, we are in effect empowering startups by providing them with a venue where they can easily engage in collaborative efforts with potential investors and partners from across the world.”

The event will hold panel discussions focusing on understanding the investment game; investing in the digital age; the future of entrepreneurship; the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain; the legal, financial, and social considerations when expanding abroad, and many more.

The Future Cities Show, on the other hand, will focus on five leading future city solutions, namely AI, blockchain, smart infrastructure, smart mobility, and sustainability.

According to Walid Farghal, the event is the only show that unites leaders from various industries to interact, discuss, and showcase top-notch solutions for a smart sustainable future.

Under the theme ‘Propelling Globalisation through Digital Transformation’, the third edition will convene experts, leaders, and stakeholders who will take part in conferences and workshops tackling a range of topics, from the future of trust, green urban mobility and smart infrastructure to self-sustaining cities.

Walid Farghal said: “For the Future Cities Show, participants will have an opportunity to exchange ideas with their like-minded peers and form investment partnerships that will help address social, economic, and environmental challenges. We will also highlight Dubai’s achievements and plans such as Dubai 10X Initiatives, which aim to create new business models through the adoption of disruptive technologies. By doing so, we are underscoring the emirate’s leadership in implementing digital innovations in the region. Now is the time to emphasise the significance of the cities of the future, especially in the midst of increased globalization and connectivity.”

The Future Cities Show will also provide a global exhibition platform for 10 participating countries as well as networking opportunities to hold B2B and B2G meetings. Participants will be given a rare chance to promote their projects and services and connect with governments and private organisations at the global level.


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