Abu Dhabi Media awarded security certificates

Abu Dhabi Media, the publsiher of The National, has received three ISO 27001 certificates in information security management from the British Standards Institution, and has renewed its ISO certification in information technology management.

The internationally recognised certificates, which were obtained by Abu Dhabi Radio, LIVE and the Information Security Department, represent Abu Dhabi Media’s commitment to the highest global standards for the evaluation of information security management systems. They also underscore the company’s efforts to expand and enhance information security across its departments.

Mohamed Ebraheem Al Mahmood, the chairman and managing director of Abu Dhabi Media, praised the efforts made by the departments that obtained ISO 27001 global certification in information security.

“Abu Dhabi Media is committed to adopting the highest standards of quality and excellence, and this has led to receiving global ISO certification. This step demonstrates our dedication to increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of our information security systems across all departments and brands,” Mr Al Mahmood said.

He also said the acquisition of the international certificates reflects a high level of security awareness among Abu Dhabi Media employees, as well as their interest in protecting the security and confidentiality of the company’s information.

“This international evaluation is consistent with the core values of Abu Dhabi Media, which adopts the highest standards of quality and excellence,” Mr Al Mahmood said.

“We are driven by a spirit of innovation that has put us at the forefront of the media industry in the region, and has contributed to the provision of exceptional media services.”

Sultan Saif Al Mansouri, the director of the information security department, emphasised that the international certificates confirmed Abu Dhabi Media’s continued commitment to keep up with the latest developments in information security management, while adopting the highest international standards and practices in data protection and confidentiality maintenance.”

“By acquiring ISO 27001 certification, Abu Dhabi Media has enhanced its ability to formulate the company’s information security policy and develop its internal requirements and objectives in line with international standards,” Mr Al Mansouri.

“The certificates also help the company implement appropriate technological and management controls aimed at reducing information security risks and ensuring the effective management of these risks.

“Obtaining ISO 27001 certification guarantees continued improvements in the field of information security at Abu Dhabi Media. This includes periodically assessing the maturity of information security controls, increasing the level of security awareness within the company, and guaranteeing the continued development of systems and vital services.”

The ISO 27001 certificate is an international standard for information security that identifies the necessary requirements in developing, implementing and maintaining an information security management system within a business and corporate environment.

The information security management system sets a framework of policies, procedures, and technical controls. It also covers non-technical controls, such as financial, legal and human resources protection, by applying risk management operations. Information security management processes are additionally clarified, ensuring that specific information security goals are achieved.


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