Abaya shop vendor gropes woman while taking measurements

Dubai: A vendor has been accused of groping a woman while he was taking her measurements when she went to buy an abaya, heard a court on Tuesday.

The Emirati woman walked into a shop that sells abayas to buy one, when the 22-year-old Pakistani vendor welcomed her in March.

According to records, the woman reported to the police that she was groped by the vendor.

A police patrol headed to the shop in Naif area and found the woman still waiting in the shop.

When asked if he had groped the woman, the Pakistani vendor claimed that he had touched her by mistake while taking measurements to fit her abaya.

Police apprehended the vendor and took him into custody.

Prosecutor charged the suspect with groping the woman.

The suspect pleaded not guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

A police sergeant told prosecutors that the suspect was arrested at 11am from the shop.

“The woman was still present in the shop when we arrived. She pointed at the suspect and claimed that he had touched her top. Upon confronting him, the suspect claimed that he touched the woman by mistake while taking her measurements for an abaya,” the sergeant testified to prosecutors.

The vendor was quoted as admitting to prosecutors that he groped the woman.

Presiding judge Shaikha Hamad adjourned the hearing until the suspect’s lawyer submits the written defence arguments on April 29.


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