A unique Telangana jail with mango orchard and a food court

The old building of the Sangareddy prison has been turned into a museum where tourists can experience prison life

Hyderabad: The District jail at Sangareddy, 65km from Hyderabad, has emerged as a unique correctional facility by becoming the number one revenue earner among all the prisons in Telangana.

With the inmates turning entrepreneurs and running the business of nursery, horticulture and furniture manufacturing, the jail earned an income of Rs2 million last year making the jail financially self-sufficient.

“We have taken up several income generating programmes such as growing mango and other fruit trees as well as manufacturing furniture and cement rings. These efforts not only help generate revenue but also prepare prisoners for the post-prison life,” said district jail superintendent Santosh Kumar Ray.

This is the same jail where an old building was turned into a museum attracting several foreign and national tourists who want to experience prison life by staying behind bars for a day or two.

Once you enter the jail complex an unexpectedly pleasant sight welcomes you where inmates and the jail staff have turned once barren eight acres of land into a green belt. As part of the income generating activities hundreds of fruit trees have been grown on four acres of land and Rs363.000 were made by selling mangoes this season.

Another unique facility in the jail is an “ayurvedic village” where people can get ayurvedic treatment. The facility generated a profit of Rs336,000, the jail superintendent said.

The furniture manufacturing facility which was opened last year has received orders worth Rs34.5 million from various schools for making cupboards, benches and cement rings. This facility earned a profit of Rs1.4 million this year, Ray added.

Sangareddy prison is the only jail in the country that attract tourists under its unique “fill the jail” programme, where a tourist can experience a jail life by paying Rs500 per day. This programme has attracted a large number of tourists from India and abroad.

The prison authorities are now planning to open a petrol station in collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation in Kasipur village where six to 9 prisoners would be employed at a monthly salary of Rs9,0000. This project is likely to generate a good income as the oil company will pay a commission of Rs2.50 per litre to the jail authorities.

Another upcoming project at the prison will be “My Nation Food Court” where food and snacks prepared by the inmates will be served to visitors at breakfast and lunch. The food court will be run and managed by the inmates, the official said.


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