A Slovak bank robber’s demand: Get me a pizza

Bratislava: A banker robber armed with a meat mallet and a knife has been arrested in Slovakia after holding an employee hostage and demanding police order him a pizza, according to local media.

The man – named 32-year-old Miroslav V., a truck driver – allegedly used the kitchen tool and weapon to threaten a female staff member at VUB bank in the eastern town of Krompachy on Friday, taking her hostage and then listing demands.

Police arrived and he requested a helicopter to escape. When officers refused, he demanded a car, before finally asking for hostage negotiators to order him a pizza. They did and it was delivered.

Police eventually stormed the bank and rescued the hostage, who was unharmed, before arresting the suspect.

“This is a unique case, we have never had an attempted bank robbery where a meat mallet was used,” regional police head Juraj Lesko told the Korzar daily.

A judge on Monday remanded Miroslav V. in custody. He faces up to 12 years in jail if found guilty of attempted robbery charges.


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