2,965 motorists fined for driving over 200kmph in 5 months

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police fined 2,965 motorists who were found driving at speed exceeding 200km/h on internal and external roads in the last five months, police said on Thursday.

About eight per cent of the motorists who were found speeding in Abu Dhabi in the first quarter of this year caused serious accidents, they said.

The statistics showed that the youths are the most dangerous motorists who caused 46 per cent of the accidents during the first quarter of the year.

In the light of these factors, police warned motorists about the dangerous consequences of driving at high speed.

Driving at such speed leads to losing control over the vehicle and reducing the chance to react adequately in emergency situations. In such cases, the driver may not be able to see the objects in front, which can cause serious accidents, injuries and death, in case of collision, police warned.

The Abu Dhabi Police appealed to young drivers to adhere to the speed limits to enhance their safety and the safety of other road users.


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