24th GCC sGovernment and sServices Conference to focus on 4th version of sGovernment strategies

Sat 21-04-2018 21:41 PM

DUBAI, 21st April, 2018 (WAM) — On Sunday, the 24th GCC sGovernment and sServices Conference will focus on the development and deployment of smart transformation strategies in an era of sophisticated and smart organisational transformation and promote excellence in the shift to a “smart government” based on the latest scientific management strategies.

The conference is bringing together 100 regional and global leaders, decision-makers and experts to discuss the 4th version of the sGovernment strategies.

Organiser Datamatix says that strongly supporting the vision of global governments in adopting a strategy of sustainable global excellence, the event focuses on empowering organisations through leadership, entrepreneurship, knowledge management and capacity building, thereby enabling them to face the new challenges continually emerging in an era of modern management, a globally interlinked society, integrated economy and smart cities.

According to Datamatix, the transition to a digital economy and the advent of innovations, such as cognitive computing and robotics, are transforming nearly every aspect of individuals’ and enterprises’ lives. Governments are continuously striving to improve their service delivery platforms and comply with regulatory mandates to become smarter. The inherent complexity of governmental operations makes it very challenging to transform manual operations to become smart and to also achieve operational excellence and innovation in smart governments.

The event is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of governments worldwide. Considered one of the largest global sGovernment events, each year, the conference sets the agenda for the next generation of governments. The focus is on bringing together key decision-makers and agencies to witness and learn about the new era of government transformation by providing a strategic understanding of the initiatives and strategies of the smart government from different parts of the world. The conference continues to be an effective platform for sharing global best practices pertaining to organisational transformation and strategic planning in governments.

The theme of the event centres around creating a strong and lasting relationship in the global community, where the west-east and north-south purposively meet and set the stage for strengthening the future human capital, fortifying the knowledge development strategy and sharing global best practices and innovative strategies, which would prompt leaders to become increasingly engaged in developing the government, corporate and communities.

WAM/Tariq alfaham


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