20,000 booked for traffic offences in Kuwait over weekend

Security authorities detain hundreds of law-breakers, absconders

Manama: Around 20,000 drivers were booked in Kuwait over the weekend for breaking traffic rules, the interior ministry said.

Figures released by the General Directorate for Relations and Security Media showed that the campaigns conducted by the authorities also netted 650 people wanted in security and law-breaking cases and 53 suspects in drug and hard liquor cases.

The campaigns held in the country’s six governorates over the two-day weekend and the New Year holiday enabled the authorities to arrest 118 people wanted in special civil and criminal cases.

The police also arrested 90 foreigners staying illegally in Kuwait, 378 people without valid ID documents and 54 expatriates who had absconded from their work, Kuwaiti daily Al Seyassah reported on Wednesday.

All those who were arrested were referred to the competent authorities for legal action, the ministry said.

Traffic police attended to 801 accidents and impounded 50 vehicles while emergency services received 4,600 calls, the figures showed.

Festivities are often celebrated with great fanfare in the northern Arabian Gulf country and the police regularly warns that it does not tolerate violations of the laws, especially as regards traffic as youngsters tend to use their cars to join in the celebrations.


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