The 1st Official Robot Trading Software in UAE

Haitch Advisor FZE is pleased to announce the launching of its new software , The Haitch Advisor 15.3

The software is a financial robot trading  software specialised in trading currency online. It works 100% automatically and with no human interaction involve achieving a decent growth of the financial portfolio .

FOREX online trading in the Middle East has been increased dramatically during the past 10 years , it is the biggest market in the world and the most attractive due to the speed of execution and high profit however, manual traders are under a very big pressure following the market hectic condition, brokers requirement and instability, and their own emotions … and that is what exactly our pioneer to develop our software, the software works in all market condition, all spread on major currencies and with all brokers offering MT4 as a trading platform , Mr. Haitham Al Turk | Haitch Group Managing Director, said.

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