15 automated public toilets open in Abu Dhabi

Another 39 toilets will be opened on parks, outdoor commercial areas and roads in Q1 of 2018

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has opened the first batch of 15 automated public toilets out of 54 units planned for installation by the end of December. The entire project is set for completion by the end of the first quarter of 2018, said an ADM press release issued on Tuesday.

The municipality has opened 15 public toilets by December 1, and will continue to open 39 others in the first quarter of 2018, bringing the total number of units to 54 units in 2018.

The project aims to serve the users of parks and outdoor commercial areas, residential neighbourhoods as well as main and subsidiary roads. The municipality will handle the maintenance and operation services of these automated toilets.

Thirty units have been installed in public parks, including Shaikha Fatima Park, Capital Park and the Airport Park, and 12 units on the side of main and subsidiary roads. The project will cover most of the recreational facilities, streets and business districts.

This project is part of the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities’ commitment to serving the community, providing modern, convenient public facilities and upgrading municipal assets and infrastructure. The step is also in line with the directives and vision of the government, aligned with the master development plan of Abu Dhabi, said the press release.


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