Yemeni Resistance Forces liberate Al Imari mountain with UAE army support

Yemeni Resistance Forces earlier laid siege and cut off the line of military supplies of Houthi militia in the area

Aden: The Yemeni Resistance Forces, with support of the UAE Armed Forces, liberated Al Imari mountain after sieging the Houthi militia and cutting off their line of military supplies.

Al Imari mountain overlooks the liberated Thabab Coastal Area, west of Taiz Governorate.

Earlier, the Yemeni Resistance Forces, with the Support of the UAE Armed Forces, liberated Kahboub Area and defeated the Houthi Militia as part of a series of victories achieved in a number of battlefronts, in conjunction with the successful air strikes recently launched by the Air Force of the Arab Coalition that targeted the Houthi leaders.

Yemen’s Red Sea Coast is witnessing large-scale military operations west of Taiz District, which has resulted in the re-taking of new areas from the militias, to liberate and secure the Red Sea Coast and lift the siege on Taiz from the west.


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