Where were you during the rains?

Dubai: Dark clouds, gusts of wind and a burst of rain greeted many in the UAE, today. We asked readers where they were when the cloudburst happened.

Asiya Khan

Teacher based in Al Ain

“It was raining heavy in al Ain, close to the Al Jahili Fort area. We saw such rain after so many days, it was a good relief for us. I was at home at the time as our school is closed for the holidays. And I had just started to wash the laundry, because I wasn’t expecting it to rain. I had to stop and now, I am thinking when the laundry will get done, because you cannot expect anything!”

Shafquat Hussain

Delivery person based in Dubai

“I was in the Business Bay area of Dubai and riding my motorcycle towards Deira when it started raining. It was so difficult for me to ride. It was suddenly very cold and I couldn’t see much. I rode at 20kph, and didn’t have the choice to stop because my mobile was also not working, and I couldn’t alert my office that I was stuck in the rain! By the time I reached, I was completely drenched. Now, I am waiting to go home so I can make some pakodas (fritters).”

Rhea A.

Works at a bank in Dubai

“The rain came pouring down when we were at work. It was suddenly so windy! But, it rained for a few minutes and then the sun was out. During that time, though, it was amazing. We don’t get to experience this often in the UAE. Even though we were at work, everyone had either stepped closer to the window or outdoors to enjoy the rain. Some people were dancing outside. It was during our break time, which was great. It was a happy moment for us all!”

Ikram Mohammad

Procurement executive based in Dubai

“My wife and I were travelling from the Al Safa area towards Deira, Dubai, and we got stuck in the traffic caused by rain. However, I really enjoyed the rain! We were in the same area for about 10 minutes. My wife was taking some photographs and videos, while I was driving and we were both quite excited. It was a fabulous experience! I can say that it is a blessing after a long time.”

Abdul Rahman

Electrical engineer based in Dubai

“I was travelling on Al Khail Road towards Abu Dhabi when the rain came. It was so heavy for the first 10 minutes that I was unable to even see through the windshield, despite the car viper being switched on. The wind was also very strong and the visibility was very low. But, after 10 minutes, the rain calmed down and then it stopped. But, during that time, it was out of control and the traffic was moving very slow. People were being very careful.I can say it was a short introduction to rain.”


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