What Indian kids in UAE would have asked Gandhi

Students share questions and requests they would have asked Gandhi had he been alive

Dubai: If Gandhi was alive today, Indian children in the UAE would have made him their hero and mentor and requested him to solve many grave issues the world is facing.

Here is what some students told Gulf News on what they would have asked or requested Gandhi had he been alive.

Elsa Rose, grade 6, The Indian High School.

“We would have made him a big leader and mentor. We would have asked him for his advice for making India more peaceful and cleaner.”

Geitanksha Tandon, grade 11, GEMS Modern Academy

“If he had to solve something like nuclear armament how exactly he would do it? How will he manage to defuse the situation when there is no actual fighting but a cold war is on and there are nuclear threats to the world?”

Juhi Saklani, grade 9, The Indian High School

“He was so patient about everything and he would handle everyone in a calm manner. How was that possible? Today’s children are very aggressive and they don’t have any patience. So, I would ask him what he used to do to be patient and calm.”

Nimra Fathima, grade 5, Sharjah Indian School.

“I would have asked him to improve non-violence; [if] he can start classes and influence people to stop rudeness [to make] everyone should be friendly and protect our environment and nature.”


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