Video: Worker washes feet of upper cast politician, drinks water

Dubai: The video of a political party worker in India washing the feet of an MP [Member of Parliament] from a higher caste and drinking the water has gone viral on social media. It took place in the state of Jharkhand.

In the video, a local worker of Bharatiya Janata Party, Pawan Shah, is seen washing the feet of the MP, Dr Nishikant Dubey, who is a Brahmin, while people in the crowd cheer Shah on. After washing Dubey’s feet and patting them dry, Shah goes on to drink the water and rub it on his head.

Social media users were outraged at the fact that the act was encouraged by the senior Bharatiya Janata Party [BJP] worker.

@sanjuydv tweeted the video and wrote: “In Modi’s New India, a poor OBC [Other Backward Class] worker washes the dirty feet of an affluent Brahmin BJP MP Dubey and drinks that water considering it as a nectar. Later on very proudly and profoundly that Brahmin MP posted those pictures on his social media, posing it like he is Kalyug Avtar. Shameful!”

Many other users also shared Dubey’s Facebook post, in which he shared the picture and said, “Today, I consider myself a very small worker. The great BJP worker Pawan Shah, in front of thousands of workers, washed my feet and drank the water happy with the bridge opening. Long live BJP, Long live India.”

Another Twitter user @swamv39 wrote: “BJP MP from Godda, Dr Nishikant Dubey, shared a photo of OBC BJP worker Pawan Shah drinking water after washing MPs feet in front of thousands of people. When criticised, He justified the incident by comparing this incident with Krishna and Mahabharata.”

The criticism he faced online led to Dubey posting a comment defending himself, adding that the worker did it out of his own free will and washing a guest’s feet was part of the culture in the state of Jharkhand.

Facebook user Smita Somya replied, saying: “Washing feet is tradition, but drinking that water is only done out of devotion to our gods. Is this suitable in a democracy? You should have stopped him from drinking the water.”

Some commented on how such actions were encouraged in Indian politics.

@DeepKum56701693 tweeted: “It is integral part of Politics of Flattery!”

Tweep @danedevambadan wrote: “Politicians and their followers with feudal mentality still exist in India.”

Another Twitter user @imbobnajee wrote: “More shocking was that the MP instead of stopping him doing such an act, was more than happy letting him do that?? Not sure if @BJP4Delhi has seen this video. Isn’t that shameful???”

However, others claimed that people had free will and could decide what they wanted to do in life.

@minupuri_r wrote: “Is it a news to be circulated by National TV channel. Do something positive. Many wash the feet of Sadhus … [clerics] and drink the water. If that worker wants to drink, it is his choice. Why question anybody? Everyone has his freedom except [if] he was forced to do.”


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