Video: Fire erupts in a building in Barsha Heights, Dubai

Firefighters rushed to the spot and put out the blaze, which started in one of the ground-floor outlets

Smoke billowing from the outlet.

Fire erupted at one of the ground-floor outlets in a residential building in Barsha Heights, Dubai, on Friday.

According to a resident, the fire started around 11am and was contained within an hour. According to the resident, no one was injured in the fire.

Firefighters and ambulances rushed to the spot and the fire was soon put out.

Resident Nelia Relox said: “I came back from supermarket and saw the smoke. Rushed upstairs to get my two children, my sister and niece. It was very confusing going down the stairs as there was lots of shouting and the alarm. But a fireman was there to help us get out and away from the smoke.”

Smoke was seen billowing from the ground-floor outlet for a while.

– With inputs from Matthew Smith, Deputy Sports Editor


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