UAE employment ban different from immigration ban

In November last year I went to Dubai on a visit visa and while there was offered a job with an engineering company. I went back to Pakistan and then returned to Dubai again on a work visa and started my job. I then got another job offer from a government organisation, which I accepted with the full knowledge of my boss and he cancelled my visa. I then submitted all the paperwork including a police clearance report and a medical to the new employer. As my visa had been cancelled I returned to Pakistan to wait for the new visa to be processed so I could start work again. After a long wait I was told I was blacklisted and my visa application had been rejected. I have not been given any reason, so how can I find out why? Can you tell me the reason? MB, Pakistan

The National does not have access to government records and only the relevant government department can advise about any bans or “blacklisting”. As the new employer is a government organisation they will have a better chance of obtaining information than other non-government organisations. It sounds as if your residency visa with the engineering company was fully processed, so leaving after a short period means that you will be subject to the standard employment ban of at least six months for resigning from a company within the initial 12-month period. This is not the same as being “blacklisted” as that is a lifetime ban that is usually only applied if someone has absconded or has a criminal case against them. To find out what type of ban you have, and possibly why, you will need to contact the relevant government department for the specific emirate. The Ministry of Labour deals with employment bans and the Immigration Department for the relevant emirate handles immigration bans.

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