UAE dams store 512,244 cubic metres of water

ABU DHABI, 5th December, 2018 (WAM) — The UAE witnessed rainfall on 25th and 26th November that affected the country’s central, northern and eastern regions.

The rainfall led to flooding in several valleys and the collection of water in the reservoirs of the dams of the Ministry of Energy and Industry, MOEI, which amounted to 512,244 cubic metres, equivalent to 112,677,927.6 gallons.

According to a report by a technical team from the ministry on the rainfall in the Northern Region, many dams announced that their reservoirs were filled with water, which are Neheila, Al Ghail 2, Al Ghail 4 and Al Aim in the Northern Region, and Al Fay 1 in the Eastern Region.

In the Northern Region, Al Aim recorded a rise in water level of 7 metres while Al Ghail 2 recorded an increase of 4 metres, Al Gail 4 of 4 metres, Al Daoudi of 1.5 metres, Al Baih of 5 metres, Qadaea of 2.5 metres, Ghalila of 3 metres, Naheela of 5.5 metres, Koub 2 of 4 metres, and Koub 4 of 0.5 metres.

In the Central Region, Baeya recorded a water rise of 3 metres while Safsaf recorded 0.5 metres.

In the Eastern Region, Al Fay 1 recorded a rise of 1.2 metres.

The Ministry advised hikers and individuals walking near valleys and dams to be careful and to follow safety instructions.

WAM/Nour Salman


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