TAMM Service Centres score 97 percent of customer satisfaction

ABU DHABI, 26th March 2019 (WAM) – The Abu Dhabi Smart Solutions and Services Authority (ADSSSA) unveiled that its TAMM Services Centres have achieved a 97 percent of customer satisfaction from November 2018 to March, reflecting the Authority’s achievement of its vision to provide seamless, innovative and efficient government services towards customers happiness.

The result is testament to the Authority’s continuous efforts to provide an integrated platform, which enriches customers experience with seamless and efficient government services.

The report issued by the Authority revealed that ‘TAMM’ centres have completed more than 24,000 customers until March, having accomplished 97.3 percent of the transactions. In terms of satisfaction to government services, TAMM achieved 87.8 percent in February 2019, overachieving the expected percentage.

As part of the ‘Green TAMM’ initiative and in line with the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision of building a sustainable green economy, ‘TAMM’ centres have contributed to reducing paper-based transactions, facilitating service procedures that save the effort and time for customers. It also contributes to reducing harmful carbon emissions due to transport, thereby reducing environmental pollution which is harmful to human health.

Dr. Rauda Al Saadi, Director General of ADSSSA, said: “We are pleased with the results achieved by ‘TAMM’ Centres, which reflects the Authority’s vision to provide next-generation of the government services to enhance customer experience that leads to a higher quality of life.”

She added that the Authority continues to work towards improving the level of government services and facilitate the customer journey to complete transactions through digital channels in easy, fast and efficient manner. These efforts are in line with the vision and future aspirations of Abu Dhabi to enhance the role of digital transformation in linking government services and provide advanced platforms that ensure the welfare of the society and enhance the quality of life of individuals, as well as accelerate sustainable development of the country.

Following the positive results achieved by TAMM’ Services Centres in a short period of time, Al Saadi noted that ADSSSA is committed to tap the latest technologies to serve various sectors to achieve the vision of the Emirate’s wise leadership towards progress and pioneering role in the field of digital transformation.

Latest results showed that total transactions in all ‘TAMM’ centres have reached 101,807 in March, while centres successfully provided a total of 246 different services, including 141 local government services, 49 federal services, 38 private sector services, and 18 services to government entities of other emirates.

The achieved services covering 12 key sectors include the identity and citizenship sector (19 per cent), the energy and infrastructure sector (13 per cent), the health and business sector (12 per cent ), the security sector (11 per cent), the transport and telecommunication sector (9 per cent) the housing, society, tourism and leisure sectors (5 per cent), the financial sector (4 per cent), the agriculture sector (3 per cent) and the education sector (2 per cent).

Statistics indicate that the demand for digital services is increasing as a result of the increased awareness of TAMM customer centres, especially its high level of service delivery and the unique experience provided to its customers.

Each TAMM centre is composed of five core zones, the ‘Greeting Area’ that promotes communication and engagement between the employee and customers, where they are received in a unique and welcoming way apart from the usual form and the traditional reception offices; the Guidance Area, which looks to provide support and guidance to the customers to deliver their services quickly; the ‘One to One Area’, dedicated to providing support to customers and advising them to get their services done quickly; the ‘Investors Area’, provides a one-stop-shop for businessmen and entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Abu Dhabi, while the ‘Co-Create Area’ is an interactive platform that enables customers to share their opinions and suggestions, thereby enhancing effective communication and supporting continuous improvement.

The Authority has also recently launched a number of innovative initiatives including the provision of sign language services for people of determination in TAMM centres and the ‘TAMM Care’ initiative, which is based on the allocation of vehicles equipped to provide services to Senior Emiratis and people of determination.

The TAMM Centre is the government’s interface that provides customers with all the services needed in unified platform and represents a new stage in leading innovative government services that anticipate customer expectations and serve the path of sustainable development in Abu Dhabi.


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