Sharjah projects encourage residents to enjoy life outdoors

Three major projects will attract people to come out of their homes and cars and enjoy life outside, a top official says

Abu Dhabi: Upcoming infrastructure projects in Sharjah will encourage residents in the emirate to come out of their homes and cars, and enjoy life outdoors, a top official told Gulf News on Monday.

“People just stop by cafes and order a coffee or tea, sitting inside their cars. Let them come out of their cars and have a coffee with friends and neighbours on the sitting walls along the roads,” said Engineer Khalid Mohammed Al Ali, Secretary General of Sharjah Urban Planning Council (SUPC) on the sidelines of the 4th annual Future Landscape and Playspaces Abu Dhabi conference.

A keynote speaker at the conference, Al Ali presented the green features of three major projects such as the University City Road Enhancement Project, Sharjah Beach, and Sharjah Cycling & Jogging Paths Project.

He told Gulf News that the University City Road Enhancement Project, a 3km road from the University City to Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, will be completed by May this year.

Residents can enjoy a coffee with their family and neighbours on sitting walls along the road with natural shade of the buildings and shaded trees as part of the landscaping even during summer, he said.

“We want people to come out and enjoy the pleasant surroundings,” Al Ali said.

Dh146-million project includes wide sidewalks for strolling and cafes, native species landscaping areas, a bike path for exercise and ample parking.

Likewise, the ongoing Sharjah Beach project and Sharjah Cycling and Jogging Paths Project will also attract residents to have a healthy life outdoors, he said.

“These projects are based on the principle of sustainability. People can adopt a sustainable way of life, especially by doing biking and walking [on the upcoming cycle lanes and walkways],” Al Ali explained.

Sharjah Beach, a project to transform the beach into a major leisure and tourist attraction, is expected to be completed by 2019, the official said.

The project features walking and cycling lanes, a sitting wall, cafés, landscaping, and much more.

Sharjah Cycling and Jogging Paths Project’s 28km stretch on the coastal area will be linked to an emirate-wide network. This will transform the public transportation mode also, he said.

The greenery and shade, which will attract residents even during summer, are integral part of all these projects, said Val Zillig, SUPC’s Urban Planning Adviser.

He said a park is not an isolated place to where you drive down with your family. “It should be part of your urban environment.”

Therefore, all infrastructure projects in the emirate have incorporated this concept, he said.


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