Seven of family die in horrific road accident

Manama: Days after six siblings and their mother were killed in a horrific car accident in Saudi Arabia, seven more people, all females, died in a tragic collision.

The seven passengers, including a pregnant woman who got married seven months earlier and two young girls, were on their way to a wedding when their car crashed into a broken-down heavy truck being towed by another truck near Al Sawarma in south-western Saudi Arabia on Friday evening.

One witness said that the accident occurred as the two trucks entered the road and that the broken-down truck had no rear light, Saudi news site Sabq reported.

The driver of the car carrying the family might not have seen the unlit truck that started moving ahead of them, he added.

Abdul Aleem Hamdi, the father of the two girls who were killed in the accident, said that he would sue the Ministry of Transportation for the deplorable state of the road where the crash occurred.

“It is a narrow road that has no lights. It is not fit for traffic,” he said. “I lost two daughters and the older one was exceptionally happy on that day after the school honoured her for her achievements. She thought she would boost her happiness at a joyous wedding ceremony, but she ended up in a tragic accident.”

He added that the best solution to end horrific accidents was to turn the road into a highway.

“The road in its current condition lacks the basic requirements for traffic safety, and it has to be fixed,” he said.

On January 16, seven members of a family were killed in an accident on the Sabya road in south-western Saudi Arabia when their car collided with a heavy truck.

Investigations concluded that the accident was caused mainly by the terrible condition of the asphalt of the heavily frequented road.


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