Saudi doctors reattach hand severed in work accident

Manama: An Asian worker who had his right hand severed in a horrific work-related accident is now faring well after doctors in Saudi Arabia succeeded in reattaching and saving it from amputation.

The worker was taken to King Fahad University Hospital in Khobar, one of the largest cities in the Eastern Province, where a medical team spent six hours reattaching the severed limbs.

“The medical team carried out the operation at dawn on Friday to reattach the fully damaged limb,” Mohammad Shahrani, the director of the hospital, said. “The surgery was successful because the hospital has the most advanced and professional capabilities and enjoys unlimited support and attention,” he was quoted as saying by Saudi news site Sabq.

The transplant team conducted the surgery under the direct supervision of Dr Ali Al Saflan, a plastic surgery consultant at the university hospital, he added.

“It was a microscopic surgery because it involved dealing with tiny blood vessels. With the help of God and then the efforts of the medical team, the blood circulation in the hand was restored and the nerves were fixed. The patient will undergo a tendon surgery followed by functional treatment so that he can move his hand more easily.”

Social media users applauded the medical team and the hospital for giving the expatriate man the best possible outcome following the horrific accident that severed his right hand.


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