Qatar ‘hiding behind dark side’ backing terror

BRUSSELS — Qatar is not as it appears in the international media and is hiding behind a dark side that supports and finances terrorism, while the countries boycotting Qatar want it to stop its violations and return to the GCC fold, said Adel Al Jubeir, Saudi Foreign Minister.

In his statement to members of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the European Parliament, Al Jubeir stressed the nuclear agreement with Iran has many shortcomings and the international community must amend it.

He confirmed Saudi Arabia will support any agreement that prevents Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities, guarantees regular and effective inspections, and includes punitive measures if Tehran does not comply with the agreement. He again pointed out the nuclear agreement needs to be amended.

“President Donald Trump, and Saudi Arabia think the inspection process of the nuclear agreement is weak and should include undeclared military sites. Inspections are limited to declared sites and this is not enough, because most of the sites associated with the Iranian nuclear programme have not been disclosed. For example, the site near Qom City.”

Speaking about Yemen, Al Jubeir confirmed all ports and airports in Yemen are open and there is ongoing work to increase the capacity of a number of Yemeni ports, while pointing out that certain stories related to Yemen are false, including one in which Al Houthi militias have detonated cranes, while some people have blamed the coalition.

“We believe in solutions based on Security Council Resolution 2254, and we believe there should be a political process and a new constitution for Syria, as well as new elections. The solution in Syria is to stop the fighting and bring stability, and to deliver humanitarian aid,” he said regarding the Syrian crisis.


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