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Logo Reshaping the Consumer’s Beauty Journey in the Arab World

The Beauty industry has a new partner in the Arab World, named “Al Jamal Khayari” meaning My Beauty Choice. is the 1st Consumer Beauty Reviews site, dedicated to help consumers do the best choice when it comes to beauty. A platform where the audience interested in beauty products, share their honest reviews about products, and browse reviews of other consumers; helping them make the right choice when it comes to beauty.

Not only does offer space to review beauty products, but its’ key features also include a platform where the audience can participate for product trials allowing them to be selected to test new products, thus giving more information about their preferences to the brands.

The website has been launched a few weeks ago by a company called Connect The Dots. The founder, Affif Kadri, has recently left L’Oréal Middle East from his role as Head of Digital and Media Department, to launch the new beauty shopping guide for the Middle East and North Africa.

“In my previous experience, I had seen how consumers in the region were struggling when it came to finding the right information online to prepare their beauty purchase. So they had to look for the right consumer reviews from international websites, which were not very relevant to the market” said Affif Kadri

The site’s simplified look and easy navigation for mobile devices combined with the consumers’ honest reviews allows consumers to prepare for the successful beauty shopping experience. The site is evolving every day to improve the user experience. In a few weeks the site has reached more than 100K visitors.

With the explosion of the Digital Media, companies have difficulties to understand their consumers, as well as reaching consumers when they face the moment of truth. has been developed with the objective of connecting the dots for brands and finding synergies between consumer data, media and shopping, driven by the conviction that the voice of the consumers is the only way to build loved brands.


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