Papua New Guinea police hunt dozens of prison escapees

Sydney: Dozens of escaped prisoners, some described by police as “hardcore” criminals, remained on the run nearly a week after a jailbreak on Papua New Guinea’s remote island of New Britain.

Some 43 convicts broke out of Lakiemata prison on Sunday while on their way to church, using homemade weapons to threaten guards, police said.

Three were shot and killed by security guards and one has since surrendered.

In a statement released on Friday police said they were confident of recapturing “most, if not all” of the 39 escapees still on the loose.

PNG encompasses the eastern side of the island of New Guinea, where its capital Port Moresby is located. New Britain is a separate island to the east of New Guinea.

The country will host world leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit beginning November 17 in the crime-plagued capital.

The government has been planning a massive security operation in the lead-up to the event.



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