Now go glamping in vintage trailers, kayak or try a human slingshot at Hatta

Projects by Meraas will establish Hatta as a national park and a leading ecotourism destination

Hatta Sedr offers visitors vintage trailers repurposed as boutique hospitality experiences.

Dubai: As we gear up for cooler weather, families, groups, individuals and adrenaline-junkies can enjoy an array of attractions set to open in Hatta on October 30.

The projects, launched by Meraas will offer visitors a unique perspective of the national park, as well as adventure experiences at Hatta’s serene and breathtaking landscape, its mountains and water bodies.

Meraas will activate the Hatta Wadi Hub featuring a coaching centre and high-energy activities such as mountain biking and Hatta Drop-in, Asia’s first water jump park and an idyllic glamping experience at the Hatta Damani Lodges. Visitors will also have the opportunity to stay at the Hatta Sedr Trailers, which offer visitors vintage trailers repurposed as boutique hospitality experiences, a first-of-its-kind experience in the region.

“Meraas is redeveloping the area in an effort to offer visitors a glimpse at Hatta’s authentic Emirati culture and rustic landscape, which are a source of pride for the nation,” said Abdullah Al Habbai, Group Chairman of Meraas.

He pointed out that these projects will establish the position of Hatta as a National Park and a leading ecotourism destination.

“In conjunction with our partners we aim to play an important role in terms of education and raising awareness, through attracting more visitors to Hatta, to meet its people, discover its nature and landmarks which form a part of Hatta’s fabric,” he said.

New projects

One of the latest projects includes the ‘Riad Hatta,’ a new boutique hotel, currently in design stage, which will offer an authentic dining and cultural experience that showcases the rich local culture and heritage.

The hotel is inspired by traditional ‘Riad’ — houses built around a central courtyard with materials that blend with the nature of Hatta and is expected to open in the fourth quarter in 2019.

Riad Hatta will emulate a feeling of arriving home, with spacious rooms overlooking tranquil interior gardens and peaceful courtyards that encourage family and social gatherings. Other amenities include private plunge pools, restaurants serving dishes influenced by local cuisine, as well as a spa and a hammam.

Hatta Wadi Hub

Described as a perfect escape for the adventure and activity-seeking visitors, Hatta Wadi Hub offers activities, both paid and free that range from mountain bike (MTB) coaching and rentals, to downhill mountain biking, downhill carting, a human slingshot, axe throwing, archery, free fall jumps, Dr Rock station, adventure rope courses, rope bridge, wall climbing, kids and adult’s trampolines, as well as twin and kids zip lines, among others.

Hatta Wadi Hub also debuts Hatta Drop-in, Asia’s first water jump park, with a crazy jump, crazy slide, drop-in donuts and drop-in tracks.

Visitors can also book for a kayaking or a hiking experience at Hatta Wadi Hub.

Meanwhile, Hatta Zorbing, a specialised zorbing centre for adults and kids, will give riders the chance to roll downhill inside a giant transparent orb taking the adventure quotient to a whole new level.

Meraas is also collaborating with Dubai Municipality on several projects namely the redevelopment of the old heritage village to preserve and to revitalise the cultural and traditional market. It also aims to add new stores to support Emirati entrepreneurs in developing their own businesses and ensuing a sustainable source of income.

Moreover, in line with the community involvement and active life segment under the newly issued National Policy for Senior Emiratis, a majlis which will be a meeting point for senior Emiratis from Hatta to come together and share experiences, knowledge and enjoy each other’s company is being built.

Box: Projects:

— The National Park

— ‘Riad Hatta,’ boutique hotel

— Redevelopment of the old heritage village

— Hatta Wadi Hub

— Hatta Zorbing

— Hatta Damani Lodges and Hatta Sedr Trailers- Glamping options


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