Nissan takes 'unboxed' phenomenon a step further at Mobile World Congress

No matter our age or the occasion, be it birthday, Christmas or just a thank you present, we never grow tired of opening gift boxes – even if we already know what is inside.

The suspense, the excitement, and sometimes the surprise can make it a moment to remember. And this is something that has not gone unnoticed by marketers around the world.

YouTube is now full of unboxing videos, where hosts take products out of the packaging and talk about them in great detail, in turn captivating a vast range of viewers – from children who want a new-fangled toy, to athletes checking out opinion on a new pair of Nike trainers.

The car-maker Nissan meanwhile took the unboxing phenomenon a step further at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where plenty of ‘unboxing’ of new gadgets had already gone on.

It marked its first appearance at the show with a shipping container-sized box shaped and decorated like that used to house millions of new mobile phones.

And there emerged from the box a shiny new software-enabled Nissan Leaf 30 kWh electric vehicle.

At least you could just send the car back in the box if you don’t like it.

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