Mohammad welcomes delegates to three days of brainstorming

The summit is a source of knowledge for government officials, a platform to envisage the future, he says

Dubai: The World Government Summit (WGS) will begin on Sunday with the participation of 140 governments, 16 international organisations and major global companies to discuss major challenges facing governments and ways of combining efforts to overcome them.

Themed ‘Shaping Future Governments’, the three–day event is taking place under the patronage of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Shaikh Mohammad said: “The summit is a source of knowledge for government officials, a platform to envisage the future of humanity in all sectors and a research destination. It has become a gathering of brilliant minds to chart a road map towards the future.”

Welcoming the summit’s guests, Shaikh Mohammad said: “We welcome the UAE’s guests, including world leaders and over 4,000 government officials and experts participating in the summit. We look forward to building partnerships that set a joint global visualisation and conception for the future governments.”

The participants coming from over 140 countries aim to discuss pressing issues facing humanity and search for innovative solutions that enable governments to adapt to rapid changes. The summit will also review future developments in various fields including space, artificial intelligence, science, technology and medicine to ensure a sustainable future for young generations.

Speaking on India as the guest country this year, Shaikh Mohammad said: “The Indian experience is inspiring and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a leader who brought about a change … the Indian nation has its mark on the world.”

India showcases its experience to the world through the summit where over 100 delegates, officials and experts will be attending as part of Modi’s delegation.

Shaikh Mohammad said: “Today, governments are required to be more dynamic in dealing with rapid changes. We seek to create new international partnerships, modern policies and innovative work systems that enable governments to be heading towards future, starting from today.”

He concluded by saying: “Our youth are able today to organise the best global summit in the name of the UAE.”

The summit features 130 global speakers participating in 120 key addresses and interactive sessions focusing on how to create new models of international cooperation by leveraging new technologies to develop governments in the world. It also features more than 4,000 prominent figures, including heads of state, prime ministers, officials, policymakers, scientists, politicians, economists, researchers, academics and innovators.

The event will be three days of brainstorming involving brilliant minds, creative people, developers and future forecasters.

During the event, a constructive dialogue will take place between decision-makers, scientists, experts, academics and entrepreneurs to achieve a better future of the societies. The summit includes six global forums that have been announced as key events, and the main sessions that cover future’s trends in different global sectors.

It is a leading forum that seeks to find solutions to the most important issues, and provide tools for the advancement of countries.

This year, the summit seeks to establish more effective international cooperation to face challenges, focusing on unifying efforts to create a better future and a safe world that is blessed with peace, prosperity, and sustainability.


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