Mohammad launches 2nd ‘Arab Hope Makers’ award

Dubai: Stories about people who make positive contributions to society — the “hope makers” — without expecting anything in return will once more be recorgnised in Dubai through the second round of the Dh1 million Arab Hope Makers award which was launched on Saturday in Dubai.

In a tweet, His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said the second round aims to celebrate benevolence, life and civiliation.

“Today, we have launched the second round of Arab Hope Makers to celebrate benevolent people, the makers of life and civilization, who help others without anything in return, and make a difference in the lives of people without waiting for thanks. They are the stars, worthy of praise”.

“There are some people who make a difference and contribute positively to alleviate the suffering of people… Meanwhile, there are others who are just watching.. We have thousands of people who do good deeds. They feed the orphans, the hungry, support the youth, and treat the sick. They are the beacon of hope in our great Arab homeland”.

“We will continue fighting despair and pessimism in our Arab world with thousands of extraordinary stories and thousands of individuals who make positive change. Everyone has the spirit of giving. I invite everyone to join the journey of hope. Http://”.

Arab Hope Makers initiative: What is it

It seeks to celebrate the thousands of people behind the stories and welcomes submissions from any person, team or entity with an initiative, service, or volunteer programme in education, health, environmentalism, awareness or community development.

The initiative, was first launched in February 2017 by Shaikh Mohammad, and has been positively received by youth from different parts of the Arab world, who are looking to spread hope and bring about a positive change.

The initiative recognises outstanding individuals and institutions in community service and humanitarian work.

The Dh1 million initiative aims to inspire hope in the Arab region by highlighting heart-warming stories of kindness in communities.

The goal is to explore inspirational stories, and highlight noble humanitarian programmes, projects and initiatives.

Last year, Hope Makers received more than 50,000 stories from individuals and groups regarding their projects and initiatives to assist people and improve their quality of life.


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