MBRSG hosts third segment of Future Trip programme


The Mohammad Bin Rashid School of Government (MBRSG) hosted the third ‘station’ on its Future Trip programme’s second edition.

The initiative seeks to introduce future government leaders to the latest developments in government administration.

The third station included discussions on a number of topics for the Dubai Government, starting with strategic government planning where the Dubai Plan 2021 was cited as a key example. The session outlined the key aspects of the plan and setting the steps to achieve them. Focusing primarily on government policy development, participants explored effective public policy practices that serve stakeholders and society at large, especially in light of the changing requirements for the government of the future.

Dr Ali Sebaa Al Merri, MBRSG’s executive president, said: “Each station on this programme offers an ideal opportunity for government officials and decision-makers to stay up-to-date on current and upcoming government plans. At the same time, these informative sessions are part of an integrated system of government cooperation that promotes government knowledge, and strengthens government cooperation to better serve public interests.”

Dr Ahmad Al Nusairat, coordinator general of Dubai Government Excellence Programme, said: “Now in its second edition, the Future Trip programme continues to serve as an ideal platform for constructive dialogue between government representatives, and an opportunity to deepen cooperation between government agencies and achieve the aspirations of the wise leadership to top the international charts within all sectors.”


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