Man pounds baby to death

Patna: A man in Bihar pounded his three-month-old child to death after finding the baby did not resemble him.

The gruesome incident took place at Dhanaura village in southern Bihar’s Aurangabad district on Sunday but was reported in the media Tuesday.

Police said Raushan Lathore, 32, had been suspecting his wife Kuldhan Devi, 26, ever since they got married about a couple of years back.

His suspicion grew further when he found his newborn son’s features entirely different from his own and believed the baby was born out of an illicit relationship his wife had.

The suspicion had led to routine quarrels in the family but it turned serious on Sunday when the man suddenly snatched the infant from the mother’s arms.

Witnesses said after looking at the child closely for some time, the man held the baby by his feet and then hit him hard on the ground, killing him instantly.

Later, the man assaulted his wife badly. She raised an alarm for help and hearing her cries, the local villagers rushed to her help and freed her. They tied up the man and informed the police who reached the spot and arrested the accused.

“Ever since the birth of the baby, the accused had refused to accept him as his biological son. He would also question the character of his wife and torture on the suspicion of bearing an illegitimate son,” a local police official told media. The police are investigating the case.


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