Local train service in Karachi to help low-income families

Dubai: A new train will start operating from Karachi, Pakistan this week and is expected to benefit low-income workers.

The announcement was made by Pakistan’s Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid. In a video message posted on Twitter, Rashid said that the train would be inaugurated by the President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, adding: “This is the sixth train we have started in 60 days and we will fulfil our promise of 10 trains in 100 days.”

The minister also said that the government would be giving 10,000 jobs based on merit and the railways would be profitable in a year’s time.

Many social media users hailed the announcement as a move that would benefit the poor in the state of Sindh.

Tweep @AhmedAquil wrote: “There is one man who is keeping his head down, mouth zipped and just focusing on the work to achieve the goal for 100 days. This is the Pakistani tiger … Well done Sheikh Rasheed! You are delivering for railways and we are following the changes!”

Another Twitter user @MoulviMahmood added: “Good news for Karachiites! Local train service to be launched in Karachi from October 31. The train will run between Dhabeji [another city in Sindh] and Karachi and it will be a great solution to Karachi’s transport woes. President @ArifAlvi Sahab will inaugurate the train soon. Another promise fulfilled.”

However, Facebook user Khalid Kamal commented that the train network in the country needed grater attention. He wrote: “Great work Mr Minister, we all … truly admire and appreciate all the work you are doing. However, you need to focus on track repair and upgrade as well, and especially now that you are planning on running many trains, including freight, those old tracks demand even more frequent inspection and maintenance than before. A great railway network is the backbone of our economy, please make sure it is in perfect working order.”


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