‘Local Harvest’ produce receive Abu Dhabi QCC’s ‘Trustmark’

ABU DHABI, 12th December, 2018 (WAM) – ‘Local Harvest’, a brand launched by the Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Service Centre, ADFSC, to promote products of the emirate’s farming and agriculture sector, has been awarded the ‘Trustmark’ offered by the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council, QCC.

The Local Harvest produce received the guarantee of quality as it conformed to QCC’s health, safety and environmental standards.

The Trustmark covers more than 20 local products, including vegetables, fruits and herbs. Those products, including tomato, cucumber, capsicum, lemon, figs, watermelon, sweet melon and lettuce, are packaged at ADFSC’s packaging centres. To obtain a Trustmark, the QCC applies four standards covering all stages of the supply chain beginning from cultivation until the time products are displayed in the markets.

Speaking on the announcement, Nasser Mohammed Al Junaibi, ADFSC Acting CEO said, “The ADFSC gives the Trustmark, which is a certification of pride for the local product’s quality, to farmers and consumers of Abu Dhabi Emirate. It is proof of our commitment to apply the best agricultural practices and provide fresh products that conform to the highest safety and environmental standards, and the best requirements for handling food.”

Al Junaibi noted that this adds to the achievements of the Abu Dhabi Government to improve the agriculture sector. He explained that the ADFSC concentrates on realising the general policy of the Abu Dhabi government, achieving sustainable agricultural development, and advancing the local product quality to enhance the food security system in the emirate.

“The ADFSC has succeeded in highlighting the local product advantages, improving its quality and enhancing its position in the market. Thanks to the ADFSC’s distinguished partnership with farm owners, who are implementing the best agricultural practices and producing high-quality crops, and traders whom “Local Harvest” products are supplied to, the brand has become a sign of quality trusted by consumers,” Al Junaibi clarified.

Al Junaibi praised the QCC efforts in developing unified standards and specifications, as well as enhancing confidence in local products and markets.

Dr. Helal Humaid Al Kaabi, Secretary-General of QCC, expressed his happiness at the Local Harvest products obtaining the Abu Dhabi Trustmark. He indicated that the council has adopted its Trustmark as evidence that the product conforms to health, safety and environmental standards, and to demonstrate that the administrative and production systems conform to quality requirements.

Al Kaabi noted that the mark enjoys great confidence, as various entities in the emirate have become aware of its importance and great impact on products and systems obtaining it. He affirmed that the number of applications for obtaining Abu Dhabi Trustmark has significantly increased, adding that the council has received, since the beginning of 2018, 163 applications for a Trustmark.

He added that the need for entities to obtain the Trustmark supports the council’s efforts to achieve its vision and mission to lead, facilitate and develop an efficient, effective and globally integrated quality infrastructure in Abu Dhabi, in line with its goals to build a sustainable and globally competitive economy.


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