iZooto Tops G2 Crowd Ratings for User Satisfaction

New Delhi, Sept 19, 2018 — iZooto, the world’s leading web push notification based retargeting and engagement platform, today announced the results of a G2 Crowd Customer Satisfaction Report which positions iZooto on top on the basis of Satisfaction Ratings amongst its peers. iZooto also tops the list for highest recommendation rating and usability.

“The Satisfaction score speaks volumes about the product and the effort that our onboarding and customer success team put in. We are extremely proud of these results, leading in 5 out of 6 categories,” said Vivek Khandelwal, COO, iZooto. “This is a testament to the quality of the product and the support provided to iZooto customers. As customers scale up their marketing efforts, iZooto’s retargeting and user engagement solution starts contributing up to 10% of their overall revenue.”

“Rankings on G2 Crowd reports are based on data provided to us by real users,” said Michael Fauscette, chief research officer, G2 Crowd. “We are excited to share the achievements of the products ranked on our site because they represent the voice of the user and offer terrific insights to potential buyers around the world.” “iZooto achieved the highest levels of user satisfaction compared to similar push notification products in the market”.

iZooto’s recent achievements include the rollout of their monetization platform for publishers which involves delivery of native ad content using web push notifications. Publishers are already generating 1/5th of their topline revenue with iZooto now and this unique proposition has helped iZooto in strengthening their overall market share in South East Asia. With a 4X growth in revenues in the last 12 months and a 120% growth in the number of customers, iZooto is now targeting leadership position for two key segments – E-commerce and Publishers. iZooto customers continue to embrace the product features, which are aimed at specific challenges faced by small and mid-sized E-commerce businesses.

Click to view the G2 Crowd Report.

About iZooto

iZooto is an emerging market leader that helps e-commerce businesses with retargeting and user engagement using web push notifications. Marketers rely on iZooto to leverage web push notifications and automate their user engagement and retargeting efforts – helping them drive more sales and conversions. Our mission is to free marketers and content creators from operations and the burden of doing mundane tasks, so they can spend more time doing what matters the most – acquiring and retaining customers. Over 25,000 marketers, across 75 countries use iZooto to push out over 2B notifications every month. Find out more at https://www.izooto.com

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