Iran, terrorism inseparable: Al Jubeir

Saudi foreign minister says region backs UN efforts to implement Yemen resolution

Manama: Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel Al Jubeir said that his country would not tolerate terrorism and Iranian interference in the region.

Addressing the meeting of the Arab foreign ministers in Riyadh, Al Jubeir said there can be no peace or stability as long as Iran interferes in the internal affairs of Arab nations by igniting sectarian strife, planting terrorist militias and hosting Al Qaida leaders.

The ministers held the meeting to prepare the draft of the agenda and the final communiqué of the 29th Arab summit to be hosted by Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

“Iran and terrorism are two inseparable allies. They are behind the supply of its terrorist Al Houthi militia in Yemen with Iranian-made ballistic missiles fired by the Houthi militia on Saudi cities, and which have 117 missiles,” he said, quoted by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The attacks reflect the sanguine character of their ideology and their adoption of all terrorist acts that undermine the security and stability in Yemen, he added. “We support the efforts exerted by the United Nations to implement Security Council Resolution 2216 in accordance with the Gulf initiative and the outcome of the Yemeni national dialogue.”

The Houthi terrorist militia bears full responsibility for the humanitarian crisis that hit Yemen, Al Jubeir said, as he contrasted with the endeavours by Saudi Arabia to achieve humanitarian and relief work.

Riyadh has supported development, government programmes and the Central Bank of Yemen over the past three years with more than $10 billion dollars, while King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre in Yemen is carrying out 217 projects at a cost of $925 million, Al Jubeir added.

The Saudi minister reiterated his country’s support of Syria’s people, unity and institutions in accordance with Geneva Declaration 1 and UN Resolution 2254.

Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the chemical attack on eastern Ghouta and called for the punishment of its perpetrators.

Regarding reconstruction in Iraq, Al Jubeir said there was an urgent need to seize the opportunity in order for Iraq to contribute to support joint Arab action.

Riyadh allocated $1.5 billion to the reconstruction of Iraq at the international conference held recently in Kuwait, he said.

The minister said he was looking forward to the success of the efforts to contain the crisis in Libya.


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