International meeting discusses ways to protect children from exploitation by terrorists

Sun 04-11-2018 13:55 PM

VIENNA, 4th November, 2018 (WAM) — The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime held a three-day meeting of its member states, and discussed the most important threats facing children globally and addressed the crimes of child trafficking, recruitment and exploitation by terrorist and extremist groups, at the UN headquarters in Vienna.

The UN Office responsible for combating crime, referred to the findings of the latest UN report on children and armed conflict, warning that links between human trafficking and exploitation of children by terrorist groups have become more pronounced globally, particularly in Africa.

The participants stressed the importance of recognising the relationship between human trafficking, various forms of violence, and child abuse to provide effective responses to protect children from violence and increase the capability of criminal justice entities. This will assist children at risk of exploitation, extremism and recruitment by organised crime and extremist or terrorist groups, especially children who travel along the routes of migration from Africa and especially the Horn of Africa.

At the end of the meeting, participants agreed on a number of recommendations aimed at combating child crimes, tightening criminal procedures against those who exploit children and providing more protection for children at risk.

The UN Office confirmed the inclusion of the recommendations of the meeting into the programmes of the Office currently being applied in several African countries, as well as in the Global Programme for Violence against Children, which has a special initiative to prevent the recruitment of children by terrorist and extremist groups.

WAM//Rola Alghoul/Rasha Abubaker


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